About Us

Licenced to operate in Canada and Sri-Lanka

Island Property Management Services and Constructions Canada (IPMSC) Ltd. / Island Property Management Services and Constructions (PVT) Ltd. specifies in your property management needs both island wide and globally. Thousands of people have requested a service where they can manage and maintain their properties with peace of mind, knowing that their investments are taken care of. We pride ourselves in our customer service oriented philosophy and guarantee that our clients are satisfied with the honest, knowledgeable services that we provide.

We at Island Property Management Services and Constructions (PVT) Ltd are passionate in ensuring that our clients make the correct decisions with regards to their properties and investments. We provide services and information to guide our clients in order for them to attain the highest benefits from their investments and assets. Whether you are buying, selling, constructing, renovating, investing or simply maintaining we are there for all your questions, concerns and support.


We have over 15 years of experience in providing legal services in Canada, having represented condominium owners, house owners, investment property owners and commercial property owners and tenants. Our experienced team is here to help you.