Licenced to operate in Canada and Sri Lanka.

Property Management

We provide maintenance and overall management of our clients’ properties island wide. This entails all property management needs as well as providing and creating legal documentation, verifying land ownership, surveying, leasing, renting and more. Whether you are looking to simply maintain your property, or you are looking to rent or…

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We provide our clients with best property investment opportunities on a global scale. This includes investments in industrial, residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, there are investments opportunities both within properties and within the company. Contact us and we’ll lead the way!

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Real Estate

We provide real estate services Island wide. Whether its buying, selling, leasing, building or renting, we can help you get what you need done.

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Power of Attorney

As the Power of Attorney, we will hold responsibility of care for your property and all legal requirements on behalf of the property owners. We can cater these responsibilities to your needs and can provide you with legal consultation as well. As a trust worthy and experienced resource, we promise…

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We specify in your property management needs both island wide and globally. We pride ourselves in our customer service oriented philosophy and guarantee that our clients are satisfied with the honest, knowledgeable services that we provide.